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Bolger Healthcare Facilities offer a wide range of therapeutic professional services in the following areas: Administration, Dietary Services, Medicine, Nursing, Therapy, Activities and Social Service. Our staff works together as a ‘treatment team’. They are dedicated to the common pursuit of the residents’ welfare, health and happiness. 

Nursing Care Services:  

Our nursing care is under the supervision of our own Nursing Director who is a registered nurse. Working with the Nurse Director is a competent staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants. The facilities have a medical director who is available to the staff at all times in case of an emergency. Each resident may choose his or her own physician. Bolger Healthcare also has a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Committee comprised of the medical director, director of nursing, administrator and various department heads. This committee periodically reviews policies, infection control, safety and drug regimen to assure that each residents care is of the highest caliber.

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Dietary Services:    

Bolger Heath Care has a complete professional Food Service Department under the guidance of a registered dietician.  Meals are served restaurant style with emphasis placed on preference and choice for each resident. The dietary department is equipped and trained to handle any and all specialty diets.

Therapeutic Services:    

Specialized and unique because we employ our own therapists.  Most skilled nursing facilities utilize contract companies. The added benefit for our residents is enhanced continuity with their therapists and therefore improved outcomes.

We offer programs in three major areas: occupational, physical and speech therapy. Services are designed to integrate all aspects of life and enhance the ability for a resident to function more independently. The following is a brief description of the key areas for each therapy.

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Every resident is encouraged to take part in daily activities. Programs are under the supervision of a Registered Activities Coordinator. A variety of activities are offered and include several different types of outings. Our monthly calendars are located at the front entrance.  Please feel free to take a copy.

Religious services are also held by various denominations.  Our goal is to encourage independence and creativity while allowing each resident to set their own pace. In addition to our regular staff, volunteers help with our  activities program. If any of our residents’ families or friends would like to volunteer, please contact our Activities Director.